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Baby Boomer Women are Facebook’s Fastest Growing Group

According to the latest demographic data from Facebook, it looks like the fastest growing demographic is women over 55 (up 175.3% over 120 days). Other interesting demographic facts: Facebook growing faster with women than men in almost every age group. Women comprise 56.2% of Facebook’s audience, up from 54.3% late last year. 45% of Facebook’s US audience is now 26 years old or older.

Jeff Russell Facebook Demographics

This has huge implications for businesses who market to baby boomer women. If you market to women over 55, this is where your customers are so you better be there too! Have you setup a Facebook group page for your business? If you haven’t you can do it here. One question does come up in the Social Media Marketing section of the IAPAM’s Aesthetic Practice Startup Workshop. “I don’t want my clients to see pictures of me with my family and friends at the lake, so I don’t want to invite clients to be my Facebook friend.” The solution is to create two Facebook profiles, one for your friends & family, the other for your professional persona. For example, professionally I’m As you’ll see I don’t have many friends, but I use this account primarily to manage the IAPAM’s Facebook group page (if you have a moment, become a Facebook fan of the IAPAM!)

Once you have your Facebook group page up what is the next step? Why not create an ad! With Facebook ads, you can create an ad that other nearby Facebook users can see when they visit their profile page. The great thing about creating a Facebook ad is that you can select: City (even include nearby cities), age range, male or female, education, workplace, relationship status, language. So you can create a special promotional ad for every female who is between 35-65 in your city who graduated college. You can create your ad here.

I hope this helps you create a more focused and targeted new media marketing strategy.

Jeff Russell

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